Value Statement

    Through nurturing and knowing that every child is valued we aim to provide the foundations for lifelong learning.  We hope that every child feels excited to be at Little Gruffalos and knows that they are cared for, safe and loved.  All our staff are committed to the highest standard of care and knows that every child matters and is an individual.

    All children will be guided through their learning on a developmental stage not age basis. This means that when a child is ready to progress to the next stage of their learning they will be encouraged to, not just because they are of a certain age.

    We know that parents are children’s first and most influential teachers. For us to provide the best care and learning for all children we will aim to work closely with parents as you know your child best.

    We believe that all children will flourish at Little Gruffalos and will grow in confidence, independence and self esteem daily.

    Little Gruffalos is a fun, happy and safe place for children to explore, discover and grow!